Bilbao for us

Best moments together

As a social photographer I never know exactly how the session with the couple will turn out, I carry my clear ideas, inspiration in mind, my favorite spots also located, but each couple is a new challenge. I always like to know about you, your tastes, details about your history and this helps me get closer to you, to get to know you and to become something like your confidant, in a certain way.

E and M are a spectacular couple, shy at the beginning like everyone else even me! But then you notice how that time together, taking something and chatting about each one of us helps in the final result. No one said that the beginnings would be easy, on the contrary!

Even so, what I want is that you have some beautiful photos and a funny memory of the experience, that you remember how you enjoyed and that when you see the photographs, that feeling comes back to you.

Here you have the result of the session one summer afternoon in the Casco Viejo de Bilbao. A super fun afternoon, with the odd straw to spend the hot hours.


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