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All people want to be happy but where does happiness hide? In success? In the money? Or maybe in getting love?
Happiness is not a goal, an achievement or a reward for effort. Actually, it’s a lifestyle. It is closer than we think, “invisible” behind all those small great moments of our daily. From the slow weekend mornings with our partner between coffee, chocolate sheets and crepes, a walk on the beach or a mountain break with our children, or a meal with our parents or grandparents. Always accompanied by important people. People who help us make those moments unique and special.


Through the “lifestyle” sessions I want to give you the gift of being able to stop time, capturing all those moments through a series of fun, creative and natural photographs. My work includes advising you on your wardrobe for which I have created my own style guide. Also about the locations. As a nature lover I love outdoor sessions, with natural light at sunset or at dawn. But I enjoy experimenting, and you will be surprised by the results of an informal session in your own home, in the kitchen or in your bedroom. Or maybe in those special corners of your city.


Beyond the results, I want you to enjoy the session as a fun experience. I like to share with you my crazy ideas, make you laugh, jump, dance, after all work as a team to create together a very special memory.

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Where will we do the session?

The location will depend on the idea of session that you want. The sessions at home for couples is your intimate place where you will feel comfortable and we can count your weekend between sheets; as a family we can both at home or go on a picnic to the mountain, to the park; a walk through the city at sunset.

What happens if it rains?

During the same week we will monitor the weather forecast and based on the forecast, we will decide if it is necessary to postpone the session to another day. If it were not possible to do it, the reservation would be made again.

Can I take someone with me?

No problem. You can come to the sessions with who you want, always bearing in mind that it is someone who motivates and helps you, and not quite the opposite. I need you to feel comfortable and free to do “anything” that appeals to you.

How many people can attend the session?

This question refers more to family or friends sessions, in which a maximum of 4 people included in the price may participate.

Do we have to bring props or propose ideas for the session?

It is always a pleasure to listen to your proposals on ideas for the session. I like that you participate in creating the story that we are going to tell, so feel free to tell me your ideas.

Do I need makeup and hairdressing?

I always recommend that for the sessions we get beautiful, with a makeup that you feel comfortable with and fits with the story that we are going to tell. I will facilitate you in contact with professionals that help us achieve this.

¿Cómo tenemos que ir vestidos? ¿Hay cambio de vestuario?

Dependiendo de la idea y el lugar donde hagamos las fotografías el vestuario variará. Así que una vez decidida la localización, concretaremos el vestuario que más os encajará. Mediante un documento creado por mi, os asesoraré en cuanto a color, prendas y complementos.

¿Cómo y cuándo se realiza el pago de la sesión?

Podéis abonar el importe completo en efectivo el mismo día de la sesión fotográfica, o mediante una transferencia bancaria del 50% (con justificante de pago) antes de la sesión, para la cual os facilitaré los datos previamente.

How will you give us the photographs?

You will have a username and password to access the online gallery with all the photos edited in JPEG format in high quality ready to print, both in color or in black and white ready to download them.

¿Todas las fotografías serán editadas?

Sí, todas las fotografías que recibáis estarán editadas y procesadas con mi estilo personal en alta calidad.

Will our photographs be published somewhere?

Your photographs are for you. You will not see any photograph anywhere without your prior consent. Thanks to previous clients who trusted me and allowed me to show their stories is how you got here, so I would appreciate if you would allow me to show them too.

Will it be necessary to pose?

Posing is something I try to avoid. I want you to feel comfortable, to act as you are among yourselves. We will play, we will make of the session an experience in which you will learn to get the best out of you and I will give you some guidelines to get the incredible photos we want.

What is the value of your memories?

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After defining the idea and having the location, we will establish the date that best suits us for the session, taking into account your availability and weather. The duration of the photo session will be between 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
After the session you will recive all the files. The price of the session is 250 euros (V.A.T included).

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