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There are many reasons why you should have a portrait session, the professional image for your website, because you are an actress or model, or simply because you are in feeling a change in which a session will capture that special moment.


And sometimes we also deserve a whim, see ourselves beautiful, suggestive, fun, but after all I want to portrait you the way you feel yourself. That’s what these sessions are about, to express what we want can be real or a dream, anything goes, but what never changes is that the protagonist is YOU.


The session can be both indoors and outdoors, the main thing is to know what you want, put it in common and create both. For this type of sessions I always recommend a make-up and hairdressing in harmony with what we want to convey and in this way we forget the excessive retouching, which is something I always try to avoid. I want to achieve naturalness and expressiveness, and above all that you enjoy the experience and the final result.


Frequent questions

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Where will we do the photoshoot?

The location will depend on the idea of ​​session that you want. The sessions at home for couples is your intimate place where you will feel comfortable and we can count your weekend between sheets; as a family we can both at home or go on a picnic to the mountain, to the amusement park; A walk through the city at sunset.

What happens if it rains?

During the same week we will monitor the weather forecast and based on the forecast, we will decide if it is necessary to postpone the session to another day. If it were not possible to do it, the reservation would be made again.

Can I take someone with me?

No problem. You can come to the sessions with who you want, always bearing in mind that it is someone who motivates and helps you, and not quite the opposite. I need you to feel comfortable and free to do “anything” that appeals to you.

Do we have to bring props or propose ideas for the session?

It is always a pleasure to listen to your proposals on ideas for the session. I like that you participate in creating the story that we are going to tell, so feel free to tell me your ideas.

Do I need makeup and hairdressing?

I always recommend that for the sessions we get beautiful, with a makeup that you feel comfortable with and fits with the story that we are going to tell. I will facilitate you in contact with professionals that help us achieve this.

There will be changes in style?

Depending on the idea and the place where we take the pictures, the costumes will vary. So once we have made the idea and the location, we will specify the wardrobe that best fits.

How and when is the session payment made?

ou can pay the full amount in cash on the same day of the photo shoot, or by a bank transfer of 50% (with proof of payment) before the session, for which I will provide the data previously.

How will you give us the photographs?

You will have a username and password to access the online gallery with all the photos edited in JPEG format in high quality ready to print, both in color or in black and white ready to download them.

Will our photographs be published somewhere?

Your photographs are for you. You will not see any photograph anywhere without your prior consent. Thanks to previous clients who trusted me and allowed me to show their stories is how you got here, so I would appreciate if you would allow me to show them too.

Will it be necessary to pose?

Posing is something I try to avoid. I want you to feel comfortable, to act as you are among yourselves. We will play, we will make of the session an experience in which you will learn to get the best out of you and I will give you some guidelines to get the incredible photos we want.

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After defining the idea and having the location, we will establish the date that best suits us for the session, taking into account your availability and weather. The duration of the photo session will be between 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

The price of the session is 200 euros (VAT included).

Amaia es dinámica y profesional, muy atenta con los peques, buscando sus gustos e intereses para sacarles lo mejor de ellos. Pasamos un rato alegre y distendido. Siempre con una sonrisa y con mucha paciencia.

Be Yourself

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