Your story through my eyes

For me every wedding is a world, special and different as you are, unique and protagonists of a love story that deserves to be narrated in images. Images that will accompany you the rest of your life, that will give you goosebumps, that will tear some tears and many smiles every time you return to them. Images that as musical notes together create a symphony capable to transmite the emotions lived THE DAY of your life. Images that are memories that increase their value over time and end up having no price.


More than ten years in the world of weddings have taught me that wedding photography is not for anyone. It requires authentic passion, tenacity, professionalism and a special sensitivity to “see the invisible”, which goes unnoticed by many and which hapens within us, in our internal universe of emotions. I like spontaneity and naturalness, death to poses! I want to be a photographer of real people, real humans, with their virtues and their small flaws.

I want to photograph “real” loves, capturing the essence of what unites you, the “invisible visible” through your smiles, your jokes, gestures, looks, pettings, hugs …


In addition to a photographer, I would like to be your friend, your confidant and support during some days so important for you. The one who does not stop taking you smiles and nerves from above based on jokes. Because for me the most important thing is make you feel comfortable and carefree. Even more. My job is inspiring you feel motivated and make you enjoy the photographic experience to the fullest, as if it would be part of the great party.


That is why I always do engagement sessions, yes … How …? Are the engagement photos corny and fussy? Do not worry, that’s what it seems, but there’s something else! For me, an engagement session (let’s call it a connection session) is really a very relaxed way for us to have fun and get used to being in front of my camera.



For about an hour, you will get used to the way I work and you can get to the idea of ​​what your wedding day will be like when we are photographing. One of the most important things of the session is that you know me a little better, which will make you feel more comfortable on your wedding day! The more relaxed you are, the better the result will be.

At first, everyone feels a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, and this is the perfect way to get rid of the myths of the photo shoots because you will discover that it is not really that bad … I promise!

We will have a lot of fun together and, at the end of the day, you will see your evolution in the photographs and you will have great photographs. You will receive them edited and in high resolution suitable for printing and sent through a private gallery.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your wedding in a unique way? Give me an opportunity to meet us and you may not have to keep looking …

I will support you in the most intimate and important moments

Feel calm and enjoy each moment

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Frequent questions

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How long will you be at the wedding?

I will be covering the wedding all the day, from the beginning with the preparations until the party. Always organizing a little in advance (previous meeting) I capture the situations, moments and details that are happening throughout the day. Once the dande starts and during the party, I will be present until I get the best crazy captures of the guests having part in the party.

How many wedding photographs will we receive?

You will receive between 700 and 800 images, the best photographs of your wedding in digital JPEG format at high quality and without a watermark. I make an exhaustive selection of between 2000 and 2500 shots, leaving the best photographs. I edit them with care, with my style, and you will have them to make prints of quality and size.

How and when will we receive the photographs after the wedding?

You will have your own private online gallery from where you can download all the photographs (high quality). The average delivery of the photographs is usually one month although it may depend on the time of the year in which we find ourselves never exceeding a month and a half.

Will our photographs be published somewhere?

Your photographs are for you. You will not see any photograph anywhere without your prior consent. Thanks to previous clients who trusted me and allowed me to show their stories is how you got here, so I would appreciate if you would allow me to show them too.

Is there any travel cost?

None provided it does not exceed 30 km from Bilbao. From there it is 30 centimos / km.

Can we order album and copies?

Yes of course! Without a doubt the Album is the best support where you will see your story and it is something that I see indispensable. The album is the book that will transport you to the place, you will relive what you felt, you will return to that moment and you will see again those who you had around you.

What is the engagement or connection session?

The engagement or connection session is the cornerstone to achieve that feeling and naturalness that you want in the photographs. It is a session where we will break the ice, it will help you gain confidence in front of the camera and where we will really know each other. We will have some beautiful photographs in nature, in the city or in your own home, what you prefer.

And if I do not want the engagement session, do you reduce the price?

As I have said, the engagement is the key session where you will gain confidence and where we will meet, so it is not possible to discard it.

What will we do in the previous meeting?

It is a meeting where we gather a couple of days before the wedding so we can speak about the last details about preparations, ceremony, etc.

Will all the photographs be edited?

Yes, all the photographs you receive will be edited with my personal style in high. It is possible that some of the photographs go in black and white when the situation requires it.

What is the form of payment?

For the reservation of the day it is necessary to pay 35% of the total amount.

The week before the wedding, 50% will be paid and the remaining 15% will be paid upon delivery of the work.

How far in advance should we make the reservation of the date?

There are couples who book one year in advance and others at the last minute. Considering that I only hold a wedding per day, it is better for you to contact me as soon as possible, so there will be more possibilities for the date to be free.

At what time of the wedding do you take a break to eat?

It is when all of you sit down to eat / dine when I do too. The best thing is that you specify with the restaurant a simple menu for the photographer, without having to be a wedding menu.

Each celebration has different characteristics so write and tell me the most important things like the date, the place of the celebration, number of guests, etc. and I will answer you as soon as possible with the budget according to your wedding.

The Book

Best option to travel through time

When we want to relive and re-read a story, the best option is to approach our bookstore at home and pick up that book, in your case, your album. The ease of being able to see reflected on paper the photographs of these unrepeatable moments is priceless. The moments and memories are ephemeral in our memory but lasting in the photographs, so, translating them into an album will make those experiences not forgotten. They will be your heritage. It will be the heritage for your children

Their stories

Each couple, one unique story

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