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Creating images that, as musical notes, together sounds like a symphony capable to transmit the emotions experienced on your wedding day.

This is my passion.

My more than ten years in the world of weddings have taught me that wedding photography is not for anyone. It requires authentic passion, tenacity, professionalism and a special sensitivity to “see the invisible”.

I want to be a photographer of real people, real humans, with their virtues and their small flaws. For me, every moment is a piece of history to be photographed.

A story that we will tell together.

My vision

Your story - Your wedding

. . .

Let`s laugh, jump, run, dance to create together a very special memory

couple sessions


Are you looking for some professional photographs for your book, your business or for yourself?

From the slow weekend mornings between sheets, coffee and chocolate crepes, to a walk on the beach or a mountain break

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